Year of pictures


Neylan  and William are both doing well.

Neylan entered 3rd grade this year and William entered 1st but he tested so high on the test in the spring he is in 2nd grade math, spelling and reading.  He is in first grade room for hand writing, social skills and OT for his sensory processing disorder and Auditory processing disorder. He is in violin lessons and really has a gift for playing it. And he is in soccer, with Dad still being his coach again this year.

Neylan is in dance, 4 classes now Acro, Hip Hop/Jazz,Ballet and Tap.

I have the best of intentions of updating this sight every month but it just does not occur. We went to NOAH conference this year it was in Pittsburg and we went on a family vacation to Orlando.  Kids loved the Kennedy Space Center and Disney Quest.  We went fishing, miniature golfing, paddle boating ( Neylan and I let the guys do all the work).  And we went to the water park on sight at the resort everyday.  It was a great time.

Now that Neylan’s metabolic disorder is being treated she is growing and her delays are disappearing. It is so wonderful to see her so much healthier,  we still have some issues to address but overall she is  100% better.

Wiliam is doing better with his sensory processing and Auditory processing disorders and as a result his anxiety issues are getting better.  His classroom has a full time OT and he gets one on one OT once a week.  Plus Jim and I went to counseling to learn CBT to help him with his anxiety.  He wears compression clothing to help with his sensory issues and the improvements we see are amazing.  He is an extremely intelligent loving little boy, well he is not so little will be taller than me before I know it.

So now what I am going to do is post a year worth of pictures with captions I hope.

I will try to do better next year but what I can promise that at least once a year I will post pictures, I would rather spend my free time with the kids making memories because before we know it they will be grown up.

To Neylan’s Mom and William’s Mom if you are reading this, Thank you for the most beautiful gift of these two children.  They are a blessing to us each and every day.



Them many faces of William

  • imageTomorrow William turns 6. I remember the phone call telling us he was coming early. And calling my sister whom left work to pack for us so we could leave as soon as we got off work. I remember seeing him for the first time at 9pm. It was love at first sight. Many days are hard, dealing with his sensory processing disorder.  But I would not trade them for anything. He loves soccer and scored 5 goals last week he gives the best hugs around and is the sweetest loving little boy. Tomorrow we celebrate his birthday by going to Busch Gardens

I honestly do not know where the time goes.

This is what Neylan and William wore for school picture day.

William started Kindergarten (but he is actually in several first grade classes) and Neylan is in 2nd grade.

We love our school it allows William to succeed even though he has SPD and Anxiety disorder he is in a classroom with only 5 other students and gets one on one instruction in the areas that frustrate him.

Neylan is doing well she is reading on level and her GSD is getting under better control.

Neylan is taking 4 dance classes and is drama/music club at school. William is in soccer and loves it and Daddy is his coach and he is in Tae Kwon Do Club at school.


2014 in review

William turned 5 in November and for his birthday he wanted to go to SeaWorld so we did. We had a blast and kids got to eat dinner with Santa and Mrs.Claus and Santa read them a story.
William is still playing soccer, he has decided to quit dance.
The music is too loud and stimulating for him. He just shuts down during class. He is in VPK and doing well academically. He seems to be having sensory issues/anxiety issues. So we will be getting an evaluation done next week and then in August he starts Kindergarten. Gosh our little boy is starting school where has the time gone. He will be going to same private school as Neylan, Christian based and strong academics with small class sizes and a lot of one on one time with the teachers. He is a very loving boy and him and Neylan are so close with each other.
Williams favorite activity is Marion Kart on the Wii it was one of his Christmas presents this year.

Neylan is 7 will be 8 in May, again where does the time go ?
We finally have a diagnosis Glycogen Storage Disorder and we got her into the top specialist for this disease and he luckily is at Shands.
So with treatment she is growing like a week. Grew 3 shoe sizes in 6 weeks and one pant size.
Her developmental delays are going away and she is getting caught up in school.
She loves to dance and is taking Hip Hop, Ballet and Tap.

Will be posting pictures soon, I promise.
I try to update throughout the year but these two keep us busy.